Jean McClelland
Voice, Breathing and the Alexander Technique

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Acclaim for Jean McClelland

Jean McClelland is one of the most effective and gifted teachers of the arts at the New York Open Center. Her classes have consistently received outstanding feedback and her work is widely admired for its ability to empower. She is possessed of a remarkable ability to create a warm and caring atmosphere in which students feel free to explore new dimensions of the voice.

Ralph White, Founder, New York Open Center

Jean McClelland has consistently been a highly rated and respected guest lecturer in our Jazz Studies Program since 1991. So much of the Alexander Technique depends upon the teacher; Jean has an uncanny ability to "read" her students, diagnose the cause of their issues, and she possesses a warm, caring approach that puts students immediately at ease. She is nothing short of miraculous!

Dr. David Demsey, Professor of Music, Coordinator of Jazz Studies, William Paterson University, Wayne, NJ

I would send anybody to study with Jean McClelland who seeks to discover more about him/herself. I learned that the voice is not only a key to communication but a source of energy and individual beauty.

Maria Mullis-Gadient, M.D., Otolaryngologist, Bern, Switzerland

You shared your work and your energy in a very positive, imaginative and supportive way with those who came. Thank you for your creativity, style and grace. The world is a better place for your being alive.

Douglas Wilson, Executive Director,
Rowe Camp & Conference Center, Rowe, Mass.

As a veteran performer and still enamored student of singing, I can only say that it is the lucky singer who finds his or her way to Jean McClelland. She possesses unusual instincts combined with gentle patience and a warm, giving personality. She is unsurpassed in helping individuals discover their true voice. Jean works magic even in the toughest of cases.

Shoshana Kalisch, performer/therapist, author of "Yes, We Sang!"

I have listened to your tape and am anxious to share your approach with some of my adult patients with various vocal pathologies. Your voice and speech articulation and the tape quality are all excellent. I intend to combine your techniques with biofeedback and autogenic training and other contemporary approaches in voice treatment.

Barry L. Pendry, Ph.D., Director, All Children's Hospital Speech-Language-Hearing Centers, St. Petersburg, Florida

In only a few weeks, Jean was able to connect my voice/breath with deeper inner resources, sensations, intuition, and feelings. Her work is a blessing, combining abundant affirmations, imagery, physical touch, and understanding of the process of communication and performance. She is experienced in teaching all kinds of people how to open up and overcome lifetime habits and fears that develop due to lack of love from teachers, family, friends, and perhaps most importantly, self.

Julia Lebentritt poet/teacher/producer; Director of "Song Bank" and New York City Lullabies Project

Here is a small sampling of comments from students of
Jean's classes at the New York Open Center:

Jean McClelland is the most amazing teacher I have ever had—she is completely engaged, connected, expressive, responsive and caring.

- R. Stipel



- N. Burstein

Jean is one of the most empowering teachers I have ever learned from. She is a model for what she teaches and what she teaches is the power of being rather than doing.

- J. Klem

Wonderful. . . transforming.

- L. Abramson

Jean is wonderful; she is a fabulous teacher! I learned so much. Her technique and her self opened up my body, my mind, my spirit, my life.

- K. Sepelak

Jean is an extraordinary teacher and person!

- K. Hall

Jean McClelland is and lives what she teaches.

- K. Martin

Jean opens up whole new worlds of possibilities with a few very simple statements, and encourages mental and physical experiences which are the proof and the process of what she has suggested. A very loving, liberating experience.

- M. Clark

Jean’s class was an excellent antidote of relaxation and positive vibrations.

- D. Abbaticchio

Jean is a marvelous, giving, loving teacher - truly wonderful!

- S. Kerreg

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