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Voice, Breathing and the Alexander Technique

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“The Inspiration of Breath,” Jean's recent article about the work and discoveries of legendary breathing expert Carl Stough and how she applies it with her students.


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The Inspiration of Breath:

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“Awakening Your True Voice” from the Spring, 2012, issue of the Rowe Camp & Conference Center's publication “The Center Post.”

Jean's Articles

Awakening Your True Voice:


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In 1994, I was asked by the professional association of Alexander teachers, NASTAT (now AmSAT) to write an article about voice for their national publication. I chose to write about my work with the neurological disorder, spastic dysphonia.

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Spastic Dysphonia and The Alexander Technique:


Several years ago, I was asked by the Australian publication “Nature and Health” to write the following article on my voice work. The challenge of this article lay in my ability to describe my work, a large part of which is sensory, to a general readership. It helped me to define my work and the journey that I began many years ago.

Freeing Your Natural Voice: